2021 Patient Outcomes

Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan

Patients Served

In 2021, the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) treated 1,016 patients.

Patients were treated for:

  • Stroke (21%)
  • General rehab and complex problems (21%)
  • Spinal cord injury (18%)
  • Brain injury (17%)
  • Orthopedic problem (12%)
  • Neurological problem (10%)
  • Amputation of the lower part of the body (5%)
  • Severe burns (1%)


Individual outcomes are influenced by many factors including severity of injury, previous health status, medical complications and support systems.

During 2021:

  • 73% of persons served, returned home or to the community after discharge from RIM’s rehabilitation program
  • RIM’s average hospital stay was 19 days. However, length of stay is based on the unique needs of the persons served and based on the individual, the stay may be a longer or shorter amount of time.
  • Patients received three hours of therapy per day
  • RIM patients exceeded the national benchmark for goals met by 11%.
  • At times, patients may require further treatment in an acute care hospital and 13% were transferred to the hospital for further treatment before completing their rehabilitation program.
  • The average age of persons served at RIM was 57, with the program also serving adolescents with an average age of 15.
  • There were zero RIM patient deaths

2021 Program Outcomes by Condition

StrokeBrain InjurySpinal Cord InjuryOrthoNeuroGeneral Rehab/MedicalAmputation, Lower Extremity*Adolescents*Burns*All Conditions
Number of Patients Treated21517318712310021854271016
Patients Returned Home or Community after Discharge from Rehab Program68%74%73%72%78%46%65%100%86%73%
Average Days of Rehab Hospital Stay23192416171315301619
Average Hours of Therapy per Day2.882.752.932.922.892.852.882.932.932.87
Goals Met Compared to Similar Rehab Hospitals in the NationBetterBetterSameSameBetterBetterSameBetterBetterBetter
Patient's Average Age61485656566459154757
Patients Transferred for Medically Complex Care to Acute Care Hospital12%12%11%15%13%16%20%0%0%13%
Source: eRehabdata TM
*Amputations, Adolescents, and Burns are solely represented in the respective column

The Patient Is Our Purpose

Safety is our number one focus at RIM. Creating a program that safely meets the needs of the patient is very important to us. Feedback from the patient and their support systems are used in creating our annual plan.