Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM), a member of the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), is one of the nation’s largest providers of physical medicine and rehabilitation services. Whether a patient has low back pain, a sports injury or a more complex condition such as a stroke or brain injury, our experienced team of physicians and therapists will customize a treatment program to meet the patient’s needs and goals.
Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
Our Stories

Our Stories

Every hospital has stories. Some are incredible. Some are inspiring and heart warming. All of them are nice to hear. We recognize that we can talk on and on about the distinctions we’ve been awarded, the services we offer, and the experience of the staff working in our halls. But only by hearing the stories of those who arrived at our doors anxious or scared and went home healed, can you truly begin to understand who we are, and what we strive for.

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Community Programs

DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) offers a variety of health, wellness and fitness classes, as well as support groups and specialized adapted sports programs that are unique to RIM.

RIM’s experienced staff teach classes and offer support services for people in every stage of rehab. RIM also offers services for those affected by a patient’s recovery and the community at large.

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