Financial Assistance Program

The DMC Community Promise - Our Mission 

The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) aspires to be the premier healthcare resource in Southeast Michigan and among the finest health care centers in the United States through excellence in the provision of clinical care enhanced by education and research. In all clinical endeavors quality of care is paramount. In addition, the DMC believes that access to quality health care is the right of every human being. DMC, along with local, state and federal government, supports a unique Public Mission to the residents of the communities we serve to assure that this right is preserved. 

An important part of our Public Mission is providing financial assistance to uninsured and underinsured patients, on terms at least as generous as the applicable charity care policy. 

For patients in need, DMC provides a patient-care hotline; for help with your hospital bill or financial assistance, please call 855-362-9600. 

DMC also provides on-site assistance. If you are in a DMC hospital, please ask to speak with a hospital registration representative for help in resolving your issue. 

Our hotline and on-site assistance can help you in applying for Medicaid coverage.

DMC Patient-Care Ombudsman 

DMC offers access to a patient-care Ombudsman. You may reach the Ombudsman at 855-362-9600 for assistance with unresolved billing issues. You may also email the Ombudsman at [email protected].

DMC adheres to a debt-collection policy that complies with all federal and state collection law practices.

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

DMC also publishes a patient rights statement, in accordance with state and federal regulations. For a "kid-friendly" version of these rights, visit this DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan page.