Success Stories: Orthopedic Rehab

Lisa Borneman
As an occupational therapist, Lisa would tell her patients to have faith in her work.  Little did she know that she would need that same faith and trust in RIM to recover from a near fatal car accident. Click here to read her story. 
Brittany Clark
Brittany Clark was on her way to work when a car crossed the line and slammed into her head-on. Because of her shattered elbow and fractured wrist, she ended up at RIM. While she was there, they discovered a tumor in her back that would have paralyzed her within weeks. 
Read more of Brittany’s story here
Alfonso King
As a Tuskegee Airman medic, Alfonso was accustomed to thinking quickly. When he was in a head-on car crash, he got himself out of the wreckage, but his hip was shattered. Now Alfonso is a walking example of how a fighter perseveres.  Read more about Alfonso  
Denise Rewitz
Years of being overweight and osteoarthritis led to a total knee replacement for Denise. Surgical complications left her with a femur fracture, extended healing time, and a general feeling of depression. RIM staff helped her learn to live the healthy life she always wanted.
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