Belinda's Story

Dec 1, 2023

“I would cry because I couldn’t do anything after my stroke” – Belinda Hardy-Reed

Belinda Hardy-Reed was at work early one morning when she noticed she was having trouble writing. She stood up and fell backwards and knew to immediately call for help.

“I was praying it wasn’t a stroke, but that’s exactly what was happening. I am so fortunate I was at work and could get help quickly, especially because with strokes, every second matters. I was taken to the hospital where doctors did surgery on a brain bleed.” Belinda’s stroke left her unable to move her right, dominant side. After recovering from her surgery, she was transferred to the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) where her goal was to get back to 100%.

“When I got to RIM I couldn't stand, sit up, couldn't hold my right hand up…I would cry because I couldn’t do anything.” My RIM therapists would let me have my moment and then tell me it was time to work. The first week or two, they came to get me for my appointments, but once I could get in a wheelchair on my own, it was up to me to make my way to my therapy. It was all part of their plan to get me moving.”

Belinda says they really pushed her, and she always tried to do a little more than what they asked of her. She felt her therapists wanted her to walk again as much as she did… they would get down on a stool and on their hands and knees to push her leg to get it to move.

“I can’t thank RIM enough. I’m able to walk and use my right hand. I’m now doing outpatient at RIM two days a week, working to get back to 100%.”

Belinda says she highly recommends RIM and gives others the same advice she received, “they’re going to work you hard, but do everything they tell you, and you’ll see results!”