H.B.'s Story

Dec 5, 2023

“My son was in horrible condition. All we could do was pray.”- H.B. Porter’s mom

It was the morning of June 7, 2019 and H.B. Porter was coming home from a friend’s house. A speeding car with an underage driver and passengers ran a stop sign and plowed into H.B.’s car. The impact was so hard, he was ejected through the windshield.

“My son was in horrible condition – his seatbelt cut his main artery in his neck leading to vision problems. His jaw and collarbone were broken, he had a punctured lung and sustained a traumatic brain injury. He had several surgeries. All we could do was pray,” said his mother, Katherine.

“I don’t remember my three weeks at the hospital. When I woke up, I was at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM). They had to start from square one with me.”

Inpatient at RIM, H.B. had daily physical, occupational and speech therapy. He remembers therapists getting him to participate through games and exercises on machines to move his arms and legs. Once he was able to stand, they worked on his balance and coordination so he could begin walking again.

“Right from the beginning, we saw tremendous progress. For someone who couldn’t walk or talk, we saw his speech, vision and memory begin to improve. He was able to stand and take steps with a device. They know what they’re doing.”

After his release, H.B. continued with outpatient therapy at RIM for three years and now works out on his own in RIM’s Brasza Fitness Center. His speech has returned, his memory and eyesight are improving and he’s walking unassisted. He takes vocational classes and is working on driving again.

“I definitely wouldn’t be where I’m at now if it weren’t for RIM. They really cared about me and gave me the best support. I know my mom loves them and so do I.”