Jayden's Story

Jan 1, 2020


Jody says if she thinks too hard about February 7, 2019, she still cries.  Her son Jayden was walking home from the school bus stop when two cars got in an accident, one car spun out of control and hit him from behind.  He was taken to a Port Huron hospital and due to life threatening injuries, was immediately transferred to Children’s Hospital of Michigan. 

“It was just two days after his 16th birthday and here my son is unconscious and intubated with a traumatic brain injury and several broken bones. It was absolutely terrifying. He was in ICU for three weeks before he was awake enough to move to rehab.”

Jayden began receiving physical, occupational and speech therapy on an inpatient rehabilitation unit at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, that combines the expertise of Children’s pediatric specialists and the rehabilitation specialists at Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM). Their goal was to help him get strong enough to hold his head up, become more mobile and talk.  Jody says the most incredible day was when she heard his voice again.  He said, “I love you.”

“Children’s Hospital of Michigan and the care he received from RIM have to be the best in the world. They knew he was a percussionist and liked to paint.  One of his therapists would play her guitar so he could listen and sing along, another one would paint with him.  Their amazing work has helped him go from breathing and feeding tubes, broken bones and a brain injury to giving me my son back.  I call them ‘walking angels.’ You can really tell they love what they do.”

On May 30th, 2019, Jayden left Children’s Hospital of Michigan walking and talking.

“My therapists are so proud of me and my progress.  It was hard work, but they made it fun by playing tricks on me and joking with me. They’re great,” said Jayden.