Transitional Rehabilitation

For athletes who have recently been discharged from a physical therapy program, this program provides assessments and training to ensure a smooth transition back to their sport. Under the supervision of certified athletic trainers, athletes rebuild to meet or exceed their previous performance levels through balance, strength, flexibility, acceleration/deceleration, jump and endurance training. Ideal for those recovering from knee, ankle, shoulder or elbow injuries. The program is customized to meet each athlete's needs and goals.


If you were discharged from a DMC/RIM physical therapy program there is no need for a medical assessment. If you were discharged from a non-DMC physical therapy program a $100 assessment will be needed prior to starting the program.

8 Session Package$520 (1 hour) 
16 Session Package $960 (1 hour) 
24 Session Package $1320 (1 hour) 


RIM's transitional rehab program is offered at all RIM outpatient locations. Find a location near you!