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RIM’s rehabilitation psychologists and neuropsychologists are experienced in the assessment of psychological and neuropsychological functions. RIM’s psychotherapy program is focused on dealing with adjustment to disability and supporting the patient during the recovery process.

Psychological Assessments

  • Rehabilitation psychology: Involves emotional and personality testing to determine adjustment to injury or illness, as well as assessment of coping strategies to deal with changes in role or self-concept for those involved in the rehabilitation process
  • Neuropsychological assessment: Involves testing areas of cognition that may have been affected by neurologic insult or a neurologic or psychiatric disorder. Such areas of cognition may include:
    • Attention
    • Language
    • Visual-spatial functioning
    • Memory
    • Higher-level problem solving or executive functions
    • Changes in emotional and/or personality functioning secondary to such neurologic insult or disorder
  • Psychotherapy: Involves treatment for depression, anxiety, pain management, substance abuse, adjustment to injury and/or disability, role changes, etc. Treatment can include individual, couple, family and group psychotherapy (e.g. pain management group).
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