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For many cancer survivors, including those undergoing treatment, the aggressive, life-saving interventions take a harsh toll on their body. DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) is here to help. RIM offers a comprehensive program designed to provide rehabilitation services to anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, and is experiencing cancer-related pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Specialized Care

Our program helps you regain strength, mobility and quality of life. Services are provided by physical and occupational therapists with highly specialized training in cancer rehabilitation. Some of the areas and conditions we specialize in include:


  • Pelvic floor treatment to regain bladder or bowel control, or to reduce pelvic pain that may be due to cancer treatment
  • Comprehensive Lymphedema Therapy: specialized massage techniques (manual lymph drainage), compression therapy, skin care and exercise
  • Balance or gait training to restore safe, independent walking
  • Mobilization of the joints and soft tissues that may have become restricted by cancer treatment
  • Exercise programs specially designed to reduce debilitating cancer-related fatigue, as well as increase strength and mobility
  • Fitness programs designed to help you achieve your maximum activity level
  • Problems with swallowing (dysphagia)
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