Frank’s Story

Frank Spinal Cord Injury

“My therapists are always right by my side. I don’t know where else you could get that kind of support.” – Frank Amprim

An ATV accident left Frank with a broken back and a prognosis that he’d never run again. One year later, Frank is running his first 5K, and his therapist is running right beside him.

Crossing the Finish Line: From Wheelchair to 5K

“I can count on my son for just about anything,” says Frank Amprim. “Because of him, I’m here today.”

Frank and his son were riding ATVs while vacationing in Utah. Frank’s vehicle flipped, he fell off and the ATV landed on top of him. Frank was unconscious when his son decided his dad’s best chance at survival was for him to leave and go get help.

“They airlifted me to the Las Vegas Medical Center,” says Frank. “My back was broken, and they put in a titanium cage, screws and bolts.

“Doctors said I would never run or kickbox and would always have difficulty walking.”

Two weeks later, Frank was flown to Detroit to begin spinal injury rehabilitation at RIM.

“They got me up and walking” says Frank, “and by the time I left, I was using a walker.”

Frank started outpatient rehab at a center closer to his home, but progress was slow. He remembers seeing RIM’s Center for Spinal Cord Recovery and saying, “This is the place I need to be.

“From that first day, they just pushed and pushed me. Therapy was intense, but I got better. One day my therapist said we were done with my walker, and I’ve never used one since.”

Wheelchair to 5K: The Frank Amprim Story (Part 3)

Frank believes this kind of drastic improvement would have been impossible without RIM.

“My therapists are always right by my side,” says Frank. “If I’m running up and down stairs, they are too. If I’m lifting weights, they are too.

It’s one year later and I’ve signed up for a 5k. And guess what: My therapist is running with me.

“I don’t know where else you could get that kind of support. They’re amazing.”

Watch Frank run the 5K & hear from his son and therapist: