Ballard's Story

Neurological Condition

RIM patient shows all how to get up and go

Ballard Speech was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor during a physical for his Department of Defense job.  Doctors decided to just keep an eye on it until five years later, when the tumor started toBallard2017-03 cause tremors. On April 12, 2016, doctors performed surgery to remove it.

“I was very anxious because it was brain surgery. It took them six hours and during that time, I was rolled on my right side. When I got out, I had no feeling in my right arm or right hand. Doctors immediately recommended that I be transferred to DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM).”

When he arrived two days later, Ballard said the medical team told him they were going to help him. They dove right in and, he says physical, occupational and speech therapists worked the heck out of him during his two week inpatient stay.

“I would wake up super early and listen to jazz music. My nurses would come in and ask why I was up so early. With a big smile, I would tell them I was ready to go. I didn’t want to waste any time.” His team would remark that he was full of “get up and go.”

No stranger to the gym, Ballard says they offered some really different exercises and therapies, and that they talked about everything with him so he had a really good understanding about what was going on. But most importantly, they offered emotional support.

“We would joke and laugh and have fun.  That was so important to my recovery, as well.”

Today, Ballard is continuing to work out on his own.  He still has work to do to get stronger but really thanks the team at RIM. He says God gave him determination and RIM gave him direction.