When to Seek Help for Joint Pain


Most people associate joint pain with getting older. However, aging itself does not necessarily cause joint pain.

“Joint pain is often due to inflammation in the joint or cartilage degeneration. Weight bearing joints like the hip and knee are some of the most common places to feel joint pain, because they never get a break,” says Scott Person, a Senior Physical Therapist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM).

Pain that gets worse with increased activity and then gets better with rest is usually caused by typical wear and aging. Most mild joint pain can be successfully managed at home. Chronic and consistent pain or inability to use the joint is something that you should seek medical attention for.

Physical therapy is a great option for improving joint pain. Therapists treat the underlying cause like a weakness or stiffness. They may use light exercise to improve circulation and mobility, strengthening exercises, hot and cold therapies and massage.

Person says the first step is to see your primary care or orthopedic doctor for a prescription for physical therapy. RIM has 25 locations throughout metro Detroit. To request a physical therapy appointment near you, visit RIM Rehab Appointment page or call 313-745-1160.

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