Southeastern Michigan Traumatic Brain Injury System (SEMTBIS):
A Traumatic Brain Injury Model System of Care

Investigators: Drs. Hanks, Meythaler, and Millis
Sponsor: National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)

SEMTBIS was designated as a Model System of Traumatic Brain Injury Care in 1987 by NIDRR. The intention of the TBI Model System (TBIMS) program is to provide a comprehensive continuum of care and specialized services for persons with traumatic brain injury, to conduct innovative research projects, and to participate in the establishment of a national database. In this 5-year grant cycle SEMTBIS continues to participate in clinical and systems analysis studies of the traumatic brain injury model systems (TBIMS) by collecting and contributing data for submission to the TBIMS national database. Participatory action is a central component of project implementation, evaluation, and dissemination. Additionally, SEMTBIS addresses the research area "Full Access to Community Life". The individual projects (listed below) also touch upon other priority areas, established by NIDRR. Three studies address enhancement of quality of life and community integration of TBI survivors and their family members. These projects propose to: 1) evaluate the efficacy of a peer-mentoring intervention, 2) investigate the dynamic system of survivor and significant other subjective well-being, and 3) examine the barriers to resumption of driving, fitness to drive, and community integration.