Brain Injury Websites

Brain Injury Association of America (BIA)
With fully chartered associations or contact offices in every state, the BIA is one of the largest brain injury organizations in the U.S. This site is a great starting point for someone looking for information on stroke and TBI.

Brain Injury Center
Hosted by the Brain Injury Association of Kentucky, the Brain Injury Center contains information on the medical causes and effects of brain injury and stroke and resources to help victims, their family members and friends cope with the resulting changes.

Centre for NeuroSkills Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Guide
A comprehensive site on TBI. This site includes a database of the the 500 most recent articles on brain injury, a quarterly newsletter, a guide to selecting a rehabilitation facility, and a complete listing of national and state brain injury associations.

Dr. Diane’s Brain Injury, Concussion, Stroke and TBI Resources
Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed.D. has been a health psychologist for 25 years. She assists individuals and families in the areas of chronic illness and pain management. She herself sustained a stroke and is a survivor of two traumatic brain injuries. This site has a lot of useful resources.

National Resources Center for TBI
This website is produced by the Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia. Includes guides for survivors, families, friends and caregivers, living and working productively and rehabilitation providers.

Neurotrauma Registry
This site provides information on resources for those with acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, or who have sustained other complex neurotrauma. Resources from the U.S. are available on a state or local level, and resources for other countries are available, too. The sites also has an extensive bibliography and links to information on legal issues.

Perspectives Network
This site has on-line archives of articles of interest to TBI survivors as well as an extensive listing of books and videos. There is also an FAQ's on brain injury page and a message board.

While You are Waiting
This web site is the work of those whose lives have been changed by brain injury. It is directed towards individuals waiting while someone is in a coma. Provides information about brain injury, the ICU Guide, the "bridge from despair" including the grief process and testimonials, FAQs about prognosis, legal issues,etc.

Brain Injury Recovery Network 
This website provides practical, actionable advice for brain injury survivors and families.