Jobs Accommodation Network 

Job Accommodation Network or JAN, a free consulting service is designed to increase the employability of people with disabilities by: 1) providing individualized worksite accommodations solutions, 2) providing technical assistance regarding the ADA and other disability related legislation, and 3) educating callers about self-employment.

State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency                                                                     
Michigan Rehabilitation Services                                                                            
Michigan Department of Career Development                                                                
P.O. Box 30010                                                                                                         
Lansing, MI 48909                                                                                                      
Phone: (517) 373-3390                                                                                                  
Web: www.michigan.gov/mdcd

State Liaison on Employment of People with Disabilities
Commission on Disability Concerns
320 North Washington Square, Suite 250
P.O. Box 30659
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: (517) 334-8000 (V/TTY)
State Job Training Partnership Act
Michigan Jobs Commission
Michigan Rehabilitation Services
201 North Washington Street
Victor Building, First Floor
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: (517) 373-6508
Web: www.mjc.state.mi.us
Michigan Department of Career Development
Phone: (517)-241-4000
Web: www.state.mi.us/career/core/2frame2.html
Michigan Works!
Phone: (800) 285-WORKS (Toll Free)
Web: www.michworks.org