Caregiver Websites

National Family Caregiving Association

Explore this web site and find out more about caregiving, what NFCA has to offer, about projects and programs underway and those that are planned for the future.

Family Care America
Offers varied resources to meet caregivers' specific needs, in their own localities, provides caregiver support, solution sharing, and discussion forums. Provides link to Case Management Resource Guide which allows you to search for Rehabilitation facilities, home health, and specialty services.

Caregiver Survival Resources
Comprehensive list of quality caregiving links on the Internet. It includes general links as well as those for specific chronic illnesses. This site contains links to a caregiver chat room, suggestions on books for the caregiver’s library and a section called "Ask Dr.Caregiver."

Empowering Caregivers
This web site offers a vast amount of resources both online and off-line for caregivers. It offers newsletters, caregiving articles, journal exercises, chat, inspiration, humor, alternative healing section, and numerous valuable links.

Family Caregiver Alliance
Focus of this website is on providing information, education, services, research and advocacy to support the work of caring for individuals with chronic illness and/or disabling health conditions.

Well Spouse Foundation
This is a national, not fro profit organization that gives support to wives, husbands and partners of chronically ill and/or individuals with disabilities.