Canton Physical Therapy, Canton Physical Therapy Canton MI

Canton Physical Therapy

  • Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Canton Center
    46000 Summit Parkway
    Physical Therapy
    Canton MI 48188
    Phone: 313-745-3380
    Fax: 313-745-1082
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    Canton Physical Therapy. RIM Rehab Canton Physical Therapy Center in Canton MI.

Physical Therapy Specialists in Canton

Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan's (RIM) physical therapists have extensive experience and advanced training in the evaluation and management of orthopedic conditions, sports injuries, and back and spine rehabilitation.

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Following a thorough evaluation of your condition, our therapists will design a customized treatment program designed to relieve pain and restore your mobility. Upon completion of therapy, you'll receive a personalized home exercise program and the information you need to avoid future injury. Physician prescription for physical therapy is required to begin treatment.

Canton Physical Therapy, Canton Physical Therapy Canton MI