Amputee Program

Through innovative treatment and cutting-edge prosthetic design, RIM’s amputee rehab program can help anyone who has experienced the loss of a limb to adapt physically and psychologically.

RIM's rehab professionals are experienced with prosthetics for those who have lost an upper or lower extremity as the result of disease, trauma or birth defect. Patients have access to custom-made prosthetics, including electronic upper limbs, life-like cosmetically appealing prostheses and specialized limbs designed for specific sports or activities.

Complete care
Studies show that the earlier amputees begin treatment, the more complete and successful their recovery can be. That’s why many patients begin RIM's Amputee Program immediately following surgery, while still hospitalized. Others enter directly into RIM's Amputee Program as outpatients.

Whether receiving inpatient or outpatient treatment, our amputee program is fully equipped to help patients regain strength and learn the techniques they need to live actively and independently.  

Inpatient Admissions
For more information about RIM's inpatient amputee program or to schedule a tour, please call 313-745-1000

Outpatient Locations
Specialized outpatient services for amputees are available at the following RIM outpatient locations:

RIM Main Campus
261 Mack Ave.
Detroit, MI 48201

RIM at Crown Pointe
25900 Greenfield, Suite 110
Oak Park, MI 48237

RIM Northwest Detroit Center
17330 Schaefer
Detroit, MI 48235

RIM Novi Center

42005 W. 12 Mile Rd.
Novi, MI 48377

RIM Sterling Heights Center
33464 Schoenherr, Suite 100
Sterling Heights, MI 48312