Stumps 'R Us

As you probably can tell from the name, this group takes a whimsical approach to support and provides information from and about "cheerful amputees." Their magazine provides uplifting and inspirational stories about amputees.

Amputee Newswire
This online magazine includes links to relevant web sites, news items, some business items and other items of interest to amputees.

Family Village Amputee Page
A short list of links including web sites with chat and organization providing information and support.

National Amputation Foundation
Provides assistance to US veterans, and recently to civilians also. Program and service and contact information.

Amputee Coalition of America
Amputee Coalition of America is a national non-profit organization providing extensive resources, peer support, outreach and education to individual amputees, amputee caregivers, limb loss professionals and those dealing with the effects of limb loss.

First Step-A Guide for Adapting to Limb Loss
This 31 page online booklet is free online, or it may be ordered. It includes information about surgery, finding surgeons and therapists, support, prosthetics, living with limb differences and financial support.