DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan’s physicians are dedicated and caring experts in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. In addition to providing the highest quality medical care, many also conduct research that contributes to the overall advancement of rehabilitation science.

Meet RIM’s Physicians

Syed Ahmed, D.O.
Michael Ajluni, M.D.
Lourdes Alfonso, M.D.
Britta Anderson, D.O.
Ali Bitar, M.D.
Kertia L. Black, M.D.
Nathan L. Gross, M.D.
Sadiq Haque, D.O.
Lawrence Horn, M.D.
James D. Howell, M.D.
Maria Humayun, D.O.
Santhosh Madhavan, M.D.
Pano Papalekas, M.D.
Jennifer May Villacorta, M.D.