Bailee's Story

Like her favorite movie character, five year old has the power to overcome

Staci Lowry noticed her daughter was extremely whiney on Saturday, December 20, 2014. Bailee has a mild form of cerebral palsy but was acting differently.

"Her face was drooping like she’d had a stroke. But I kept telling myself kids don’t have strokes. I took her to DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan where they told me she did have one," said Staci.

Fortunately doctors had caught the stroke within 48 hours. Bailee wasn’t able to use her right side, but because of the quick medical attention, she had a better chance of recovery. During her three week hospital stay at Children's, the onsite pediatric therapists from DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) got to work giving her daily physical, occupational and speech therapy. She was fitted for a leg brace, and by the time she was discharged, Bailee was up and walking.

Excited by the progress, she continued with outpatient therapy at the Children's Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center-Detroit. Her RIM therapists continued to strengthen her legs and get her right hand moving. Speech therapists helped her blend sounds and articulate.

"They are so progressive at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan. Bailee had a weird walking gait, so therapists gave her Botox. Almost immediately she was walking more normal. And today, she can beat me up and down the steps."

Staci says she appreciates how patient the RIM therapists are and she thanks them for letting her participate in the therapy process and supporting her with the things Bailee needed.

"Thanks to Bailee’s perseverance and the expertise of the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan teams, she may not have enjoyed her fifth birthday party as much. She wanted a Frozen theme because she likes Elsa and her special powers. If you ask me, it’s my daughter and the medical staff at RIM that are magic. Look out kindergarten, here she comes!"