Mark Wycihowski's Story

Amputee takes recovery one step at a time

Mark Wycihowski remembers very little about his accident in September of 2014.

“There was a semi-truck turning left from Michigan Avenue. I had the right of way and started to cross.  He didn’t see me and instead of turning he drove forward. He ran over me, dragging me beneath his wheel.  Someone yelled for him to stop.  He did, backed up, and ran over me again,” said Mark.

Mark was airlifted to a Kalamazoo hospital where doctors repaired his crushed left leg, knee, pelvis, ribs, clavicle and collar bones. He spent a month in a coma on a ventilator; when he woke, he found out that his right leg had been amputated. 

After spending three months in the hospital, he was transferred to a transitional care facility where he received limited rehabilitation. They said the next step for him was a nursing home.

“My wife and I knew that wasn’t the right place for me. I was determined to walk again. My wife knew someone at DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) and gave them a call.  In November, I was moved to RIM.”

Mark and his therapist worked on making his arms and torso as strong as possible.  They also worked on getting his left leg back to normal. 

“The team at RIM is just phenomenal…and it goes beyond just the therapy. We’re seeing one of their trauma therapists and our case worker has helped us find a place to live while we look for a house that can meet my needs."

And now Mark is being fitted for a prosthetic leg so he can learn to walk again.

“I’m very encouraged by my progress and determined to reach my new normal. My thanks go to my wife Mary and the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan. They have made my transition to a new normal possible.”