Breanna's Story

Accident victim gives a hand to the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan

“It’s a miracle that both of us walked away from that accident,” says Breanna Preston. 

It was a rainy December 16, 2014, and Breanna’s boyfriend was driving her to work.  “We were on I-696 and wanted to get away from two semi-trucks. When we switched lanes, we hydroplaned into the median, spun around and were hit by both trucks. We were shaking things off and accessing the damage when we were hit by a third truck. It rolled over the top of our car and we started spinning again. I just wanted it to stop.”

All three trucks hit the passenger side, pushing the armrest into Breanna. Her dominant, right arm was twisted and broken, and she had nerve and muscle damage.  Doctors at a Detroit hospital had to cut her muscles to reset her humerus bone, and put in a seven inch plate and screws. 

Breanna was discharged to home therapy where she was able to get some of her shoulder rotation back but still couldn’t move her arm, hand or fingers.

“Because of the nerve damage, doctors gave me negative reports. I’m so thankful I was referred to DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM). When I got there, they refused to accept that I couldn’t use my arm or hand. They said as long as they saw improvement we were going to keep on pushing.”

Breanna had physical and occupational therapy two times a week at RIM Sterling Heights to strengthen her muscles, stimulate her nerves and improve her hand eye coordination.  She saw immediate results.

“They were calm and ready to get my arm moving.  I don’t think I would be as far along if I’d stayed with my other therapy.  I would definitely recommend them!”

Breanna hopes to regain complete control of her arm, hand and fingers and is excited to re-enroll in school.